Sunday, 15 November 2009


Well, so, where do I start? I'm not in the best of moods this evening and have not been in the best moods for day's if not weeks now. I'm not saying I'm depressed, but pretty close to it and on one occasion a few weeks ago I nearly lost it altogether.
For those of you who know me, know over the years I have suffered with this illness on and off and have also been in hospital with it too. Not good, I hated that time of my life and am determined not to go back to that dark place.
A series of events have made me like this, one of them is below.

We moved last year for what we thought was the last time, our plan was to pay off the mortgage, then rent it out and live in our house in Spain. We are very lucky to have two homes, but saying that we have worked hard for them and have never borrowed money off others or got ourselves into large amounts of debt we can't pay back.

All the neighbours were great, we got on with everyone and like most places in the UK now there were people from all over the globe, the mix was great and EVERYONE got on with everyone else and were also very accepting of having two Gay men living on the Estate too, us! We have been known to host one or two parties to which everyone was invited and came too.

The recession hit and everything has gone tits up with the housing market. What I am now going to say may seem racist but read first and make your judgement after. The developer needed money and decided to sell houses through an African agent in Guyana. So what I here you say?

Well, of all the houses occupied, three quarters now have Africans living in them, still so what!
Every single household without exception rents out ALL of the bedrooms and the owners live in the lounges with their families.
So next to us we have a woman with a baby and small child living in one room while she rents out the three bedrooms. There's a five bed house worth over half a million with a den and formal living room occupied by 12 people behind us! The parking is becoming terrible and no one seems to use a tumble dryer as they hang their washing out of the windows to dry and don't even use a washing line!

This was supposed to be a 'prestigious' development which is fast becoming a ghetto. We have all written to the developer who has seen the error of his ways but it's too late. We came home the other evening and were faced with 40 African men all smoking and drinking in the street. Everyone is appalled and we all feel we have been taken for a ride.

So, we are having to move again, we are lucky enough to have sold the house, so fingers crossed we will be out by January.
That's the end of the first part. I will write again tomorrow so I don't bore the tits off you.

PP xxxxx

Saturday, 7 November 2009


Morning Groovers,
So much to tell as things have been so hectic in PP's life. I promise, you will hear from me soon.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Well, good morning!
Yeah I know, I haven't posted for a while. Dunno what's up with me, but I have so much time with Phil as his new job gives him so many days off due to flying regulations, it's bliss.
Apologies to all you guy's out there who's blogs I normally read. I will get round to ya, honest!

Anywayyyyyyyy, Limbo, so why am I in Limbo you may ask? It's a long story, and a weird one.

I've been off for the past week and and a half without a car too as the Dr won't let me drive.
A couple of Tuesday's ago I was having lunch at work and bam, I was out cold on the floor at the time I was laughing my head off as someone had told a dirty joke ;-)
It's like someone pulling the plug from your big toes and then the paralysis starts. You can here people talk, you can grunt but can't move a muscle.
It's like an elephant is parked on top of you, you feel like a dead weight. They managed to get me outside and I came round after what seemed a life time and then bam, off we go again.

Now, this isn't the first time it's has happened, its the third time now but its been spread over a period of about 12 years. The last time was about eight years ago and I ended up in hospital for a week having tests.

They couldn't work out what it was then, there was talk of narcolepsy, but that didn't seem to get anywhere. So today, I'm off to see a neurologist for the second time in my life so let's see where we go from there shall we?

This feeling is horrible. Imagine being able to here everyone around you but not being able to respond. I remember my hands and feet tingling and the paramedic telling me that he couldn't get any blood from the end of my finger as they were so cold.
Three times it happened that day, but they let me out of hospital after going through the last lot of notes and today's the day I see the neurologist.

I HATE feeling like this as I feel I have no control over my body and not being able to drive has made it even worse.
I had to walk to the Dr's this week as Phil was away for two nights, but hey, I liked it and the sun was shining so it was even better. There are no foot path's where we live only cycle paths, so I walked along those.

I'll let you know how I get on and let's hope they find something this time so I can have some sort of closure.

Love yas PP xxxxxx

Monday, 1 June 2009


Tsk, how bleedin annoying! After spending yesterday evening ironing clothes for three nights and four days, I travel for nearly three hours only to find my schedule has changed........urghhhhh. Oh well, at least I get to spend more evenings with the man as he has three days off..... yesssssss!

Today is the hottest day of the year so far and I'm working, sigh... Oh well. Tonight I decided to go for a walk after I checked into my hotel room.
Bliss, the sun was shining, birds singing and I watched narrowboats go along the river. Let's not also forget the crumpet that was out with their girl friends, boy friends or whatever :-p
The sun does tend to bring out the Gods don't you think???

After my walk, I decided to go to my favourite deli and get a lovely take out salad of poached salmon and a green salad with roasted red peppers. Ok, a couple of beers to wash it down with too ;-)

There was a new girl in the deli, not my ususal jolly server. Let me tell ya people, she had teeth like Ned the talking horse and could have eaten a toffee apple through a tennis racket, OMFG I couldn't take my eyes off those tomb stones!

All I could think of was the damage she'd do if she went down an ya.... Thank the Lord I'm a gay man.

Oh well, off to eat my insalata and drink my cerveza!

Good evening to you all....... PP xxxx

Saturday, 23 May 2009


Hello People,
What a luverly Saturday evening it is...... I know our country's going down the pan at the moment along with most of the rest of the 'civilised' world, but one thing I do look forward too is the long lazy British summer evenings. You across the pond, may scorn and say what summers? But yep, we do get em and when we finally do, they are wonderfull!
Imagine sitting out untill 10.30 at night and the sun is still going down. If you live in Scotland, it's even later.
So this evening, it's 19.25 here now, I'm sitting in my garden with a chilled glass of wine, writing this load of old cods wallop, hoping someone, some where, will read and comment lolololol.

The planet suite by Gustav Holst in on the old docking station and it's bliss! Oh and did I tell you the man's working this evening? Well, he is.
As much as I love him, it's getting a trifle tedious talking about the skies 24/7 and for those of you that know him, know he can tend to repeat his stories, but then I put that down to age. I, this morning stood in the kitchen with a pint of milk in my hand looking for it everywhere not knowing I was clutching it in my fingers....... FKN SCARY, let me tell yas!!

Tomorrow its supposed to be 24 degrees and we are off to the inland waterways show at Crick. I think this is the first year it aint pissed down with rain for a change, but seeing as we're having a bank holiday this weekend, it's par for the course.

Oh well, off to top up my glass and read a few blogs.

Love yas, PP xxxxxxx

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Well, it's me again......... I've been away since Sunday morning, so have been away for Phil's check flight and his maiden voyage to Istanbul in Turkey. I go home tomorrow and we have 3 days off together, cant wait!!!
I've been doing 12 hour days all week and tonight as it's my last night away I'm celebrating with a cheeky glass of vino ;-)

Some thing made me remember Phil's uniform guide lines. The first line in the mens section is 'no visible signs of make up must be seen' LOLOL He told me that he's never seen so many plucked eye brows and spikey hair do's in his life.

I've given him a stern warning. If he goes camp on me, I'm off!

Have a good night everyone.

PP xxxxx

Monday, 11 May 2009


Well hello groovers, yup, it's me, back from the dead so to speak. First I want to say thank you all for the mails asking where I was, also for my birthday cards too. Love ya Erin!

Flo is fine, she's enjoying her bingo and what else social services can throw at her. Just someone tell me how to get the old biddy to wash please? Phewwwwww. I'm going to pick her up for a weekend again soon, so watch out for a blog ok?

From now on you'll see me again and I'll start reading yours too..... That's a promise! I've missed you all so much you wouldn't believe it (wipes eyes lol)
No honest, I have but there's a reason I've not been around, so read on ok?

Well, me and the man will have been together for 29 years this year, wow a long time by anyones standards. We met when we were young uns and used to shag like rabbits, 247 365! How times have changed........sigh. 
When I first knew Phil he worked for British Gas as a fitter and I still remember the day he caught my eye as I sashayed past on my way back from being a junior window dresser.  He was getting something out of his van and he winked at me as I walked by. BOING! Instant stiffy.... I walked past like I wasn't interested but looked back when I was at a safe distance incase he was taking the piss.

Who would know after all these years we're still together hey? He hated that job with a vengeance. Lunch always consisted of playing footie in the yard while Friday was stripper day down the pub. To be one of the boys he used to be the first on the stage having the girls dip their tits in his drink...... Good fun huh? Don't think so!
Well, it all got to much for him and he did the knowledge to become a London cabbie. For two years he was up at 4 am every morning and went around London on his moped noting roads, streets and monuments.
In the evening,EVERY evening, I did the call overs with him and frequently fell asleep only to be woken up by a slipper thrown across the room at me. To this day I still remember the first call over. MANOR HOUSE TO GIBSON SQUARE!

Society changed over the years and what was a good job which paid extremely well when the going was good, turned into a nightmare. His nights started to change and he was picking up drunk or drugged up bankers and city boys who were abusive. They must have known something we didn't, well, we all know now don't we????

The credit crunch, recession, call it what you want has taken it's toll on his earnings and he's been bringing home less than what he was all those 26 years ago.
We sat and talked and to be honest, the long hours and low earnings were taking it's toll on him and our relationship, so he decided enough was enough and looked for another job.  

Today after six weeks training, he passed his last exam, a check flight. Yup, he's become cabin crew for one of our most popular airlines. I can't say as he can't even e mail his photo to his family around the world as it's instant dismissal!  Let's just say, it's not the world's favourite airline, but does Stelios ring a bell with any of you Brits?
It's only a 6 month contract which could be renewed, but it may tie him over till things get better.
So every night when I've been home I've helped him revise and get his 'wings'. He got his certificates last week and then as a 'newbie' has been helping out and has done 8 flights. Today he passed his check flight with flying colours if you'll excuse the pun!

He's gone from being a loner with a small select group of friends to an out going person, the transformation is amazing.

I'm so proud of him for doing this at 51 and so proud that I can be part of his life changing experience.
I'm sure you will all help me congratulate the get up and go in him that got him where he is now. I AM SO PROUD!

I love ya Phil, not just today, but for ever.

Gaz......Podgy poof. xxxxxx 

Saturday, 7 March 2009


Well, the sad saga of Flo goes on this week. After an adventurous two days with us last weekend and yes, I'm pleased to say Phil DID take his Mum home, he knows never to cross me! ;-)
Twice this week she has fallen in her bungalow the second time really badly. Flo refuses to wear her alarm round her neck to press in an emergency, this then alerts a central system that send someone around to see if she's ok. Instead she crawled to the phone, rung her brother who's in his late 80's and got him to come round at 3 am, he then has to press the alarm, but in Flo's eyes thats fine. 

The second time she fell, she smashed her face, she is now black and blue down one side of her body. Because of her Grand children and brother being at the hospital to see if she was ok, social services thought  she had a network of relatives to take care of her. This unfortunately isn't so. All have demanding jobs with young children. Social support yes, care no.
Because of this I made Phil go and get her on Friday afternoon. She's so frail and has had the stuffing knocked out of her. She thought by coming to us again she was on a jolly, but after her calling for me twice in the night to help her go to the loo, she knew this wasn't the case.
It took me forty minutes to get her down stairs today, so tonight she is sleeping restfully on our couch. Don't worry it's deep and at least she can wash in the cloakroom down stairs tomorrow and it will be easier for me.

Tonight she had to face the indignity of me having to pull down her knickers when I got her to the loo for a wee. She can't even do that now.

I thank my lucky stars I live in a country where health care is free. I phoned social services this morning and they phoned back twice today, the last time being 8.30 this evening, to arrange for her to be reassessed (sp?) on Monday. They are talking of getting her into a rehab home to build up her strength, all which is free. They'll then see what to do afterwards. 

We go on holiday this coming Friday and as Phil's brother is on a cruise for a month we talked about canceling. His sons have rallied round and said we must go, they'll look after her if Social services needs more time to find her a place in rehab. I have faith though. The woman on the phone tonight was calm and reassuring. Our social services has taken a bashing in the press recently with the death of a young baby, battered by its drugged up parents, but I have every faith that they will deliver.

I was comforted by Flo's last words before she lay her head on the pillow tonight, she asked for a kiss and as I went to move my head away she whispered in my ear. 'I love you ya know, and if you put me in a home I'll come back and haunt the bloody lot of yas. Remember that wont ya?, And you better tell all the rest of em too' 

Yes Flo, I love you too............ Seriously though, I do, Now its time for my bed as well.

PP xxxxxx

Sunday, 1 March 2009


Hello Groovers,
Thank you all for your mails wondering where I'd gone to. Well, nowhere really. We've been busy socially and away for the past two weekends, but to be to be honest, my creative juices had dried up. In turn it put me off reading my fellow bloggers journal's............. Sorry guys.
This weekend was going to be a weekend of catching up with journals, washing, cleaning, bill paying etc but the Friday before last I got a call from Phil's 90 year Mum Florrie

'Is that you boy?' 
'Um yeah Flo, wassup?' 
'Well, instead of you coming to see me next time, can I come and stay with you?' 
'Ummmm, yeah ok, what's the problem?' 
'Oh nuffin, no it doesn't matter'
'Well it does Flo, cos if you don't tell me I can't come over and pick you up ok?'
'Well....... pauses, I'm lonely'
Oh my God, it was like someone shoving a knife in me, I felt so bad.

Last October, she fell over putting her milk bottles out, yeah, we still have milk delivered here. 
She shattered her hip, smashed all her face in and broke her arm in four places. We were on holiday at the time but fortunately, Phil's brother was at hand so she wasn't alone for long.

Since that time, we go and see her regularly and also took her to my folks at Christmas.  She does get visitors everyday, but who say's you can't still be lonely huh? That's a bad state of mind to be in.

I promised to go pick her up to stay this weekend just to get her out and see something different.
When I told Phil, he went mad and said he couldn't afford to take time off work. No problem, I'll pick her up and take care of her, we'll have a good old fashioned Mum and son in law bonding sesh, a girly weekend!

I was up at 5 am on Saturday morning to drive over to hers and then bought her all the way back home. We went shopping and I let her choose what she wanted to have for lunch today, then we walked the mall singing doing the Lambeth walk. I swear people thought we'd been let out of the nut house. By the time we got back, I was just as exhausted as she was.
To see that old girl smile and laugh the way she has warmed the cockles of my heart, I realized it's gonna come to us all eventually. 
Yesterday afternoon she had a little kip and last night I cooked dinner for her and we sat and watched the film she'd picked. I am Legend with the hunky Will Smith (unghhh) 
Why she picked that I don't know but I suspect he does the same for her as he does for me ;-)

She talked all the way through the bloody film and then screamed out everytime a mutant came on the scene, by the time the film had finished, we'd both filled our knickers three times with fright lolol.

I put her to bed at 10.30, weary and tired myself I fell asleep on the couch then dragged my sorry arse up stairs about midnight. 
Phil came in at 6 a.m. and I was up to make him a cuppa to take to bed with him.
That's when he dropped the bomb shell. 

'What time are you running my Mum home tonight?' he asked.
'Ummm, I was hoping that you could take her back so I can have a bit of me time and catch up with a few things?'
His parting words were 'you invited her up for the weekend, I didn't. So you can take her back home too'

With that, he picked up his tea and went to bed.
I can't repeat what what I said under my breath, but he's right, I did ask her up, so tonight I'll take her home and then drive all the way back. 

Then when I finish hacking my husbands miserable moaning body to bits with a rusty chainsaw, I'll clean up and watch the Desperate House wives episode I've taped with a nice glass of wine.

Love ya. PP xxxxxx

Friday, 6 February 2009


Morning all, 
My Brain is fried, I HATE WINTER!!!! For years I've struggled with this time of the year and this year more than ever as winter just goes on and on. I find it hard to go out of the front door and face the wind and the cold and just, well, everything. 

So, what has nature given us now? Snow! I've  seen the news and watched how other countries have been looking on in amusement at the foot of snow we've had. 

Ok, so this country does have its bad points and yeah, we do come across as being unorganized. But you have to understand that we don't get any form of extreme weather. 
I posted a year or so ago some pics of my back garden in the snow. We had about two inches, nothing, just a few flurries which went in a day. That was it, just that. 
In the summer it gets nice an warm and yeah humid, VERY humid (we're surrounded by water remember?), but that's it, it's warm, around 85 ish max, maybe 90 in extreme conditions and that's for around two weeks LOLOLOL

Us Brits have a complete mistrust of weather forecasts, as our weather changes so quickly. I'll never forget Michael Fish, our most famous weather forecaster saying that a woman had phoned from France to say a hurricane was on it's way. He said on live TV, 'Madam, we don't get hurricanes in the UK' don't panic its a few strong winds' 
Well.......F*** me, I never slept a wink that night as half of the country suffered a hurricane with 200 year old oak trees coming crashing down, fronts of stores blown in etc. We lost our fence, BBQ, garden furniture and half the roof not to mention my ruby slippers. Thank God our houses are brick built and not timber.

So, as you can see, if they say we have a cold snap with severe snow coming in from Siberia. Out come our sunnies, shorts and flip flops as we think Fhack orf, i'ts gonna be lovely ;-)

HOW WRONG WE WERE! I've worked from home for the last two day as the foot of snow is now solid ice. As we live on a new development, no one owns the roads, so we can't get up the hill to get out into the world.

Am I bovvered? NO! As my Dad would say, 'it's colder than a witches tits out there'. Just how he knows how cold witches tits are I shall never know, but it used to makeme and my brother giggle when we were little.

So witches tits being cold means I can stay inside, and not have to go out in this rancid weather.

Mock us all you want world, this is one Brit that's staying inside. Roll on Spain, only a month to go.........

(While I type, my dear heart is on a mission, he thinks our house is 'filthy' as he put it. I beg to differ, but he's furiously pushing the dyson round and sucking up anything in his path. Oops, there's goes me Calvins!)

Have a good weekend everyone, and if any of you can explain what this Twitter thing is I have been begged to join, please enlighten me as it just seems like glorified email to me?

Love yas, PP xx

Saturday, 24 January 2009


Morning Groovy Geezers n Gals,
Well, I hope we're all coming down from our High of  the President being sworn in. I for one have high hopes of him and I know you all do too, but lets please remember, he's human, he's not God. I get the feeling there's such hope pinned on him, if he fails the world will come to an end..... Let's hope I'm wrong.

Well, after recovering from seeing a cat turd a foot long last week. This week's been a bit non eventful. 
We've been invited to our neighbours house warming party tonight. I've already been warned to behave myself and not have too many sherbets, oh to be cared for huh? I don't think those kind words were for me, but instead to warn me not to embarrass myself in front of the man ;-)
There's nothing wrong with having a good time though huh? 

Well talking of good times, I love the flash mob phenomenon that seems to be sweeping the country and T Mobile have cleverly used this as a marketing tool.
Watch the commuters at Liverpool street station how they get caught up in the whole thing. by the end of it the whole station was stomping! Who says we Brits don't know how to have fun!!

Don't know how to put a vid up sorry. Unless someone wants to tell me...... Enjoy 

Gaz xxxxxxx

Sunday, 18 January 2009


Morning gang!
Tis I the Podgy poof. Guess what? The sun's shining today, its still bloody cold but to feel it on your face is blissssssss. 
We've booked flights to pop over to Spain for 10 days, can you believe 2 return flights for well under £100....... ACE! I think this is the longest we've ever gone without going to our little house and we're both suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms.

So what have I been up to? Eff all. This poxy credit crunch continues to eat into our lives as Phil's job's dire at the moment. No one, I repeat NO ONE is using his services, he's working longer hours for under half his normal pay. I'd love to get all the worlds bankers and put them up against the wall and shoot the Mother F'rs, I'm sure I'm not alone here. 
For those of you who don't know Cockney rhyming slang, a merchant banker is slang for something else here, think about it, what rhymes with banker?........... Yup you got it and thats, what I call the worlds bankers ;-)

We're looking after our neighbours cat while they're away for the weekend, his names Elvis. He's a cute thing, yeah Ok Mary and Holly, I know I ain't too keen on cat's but he's kinda cute and he's a boy cat so he's mischievous. 
So what does he do today while I am preparing his breakie? He does the most enormous shit I have ever seen right on the floor in front of me. Not in his toilet, RIGHT ON THE FLOOR!! I swear if I didn't see him do it I would have thought it was a human turd, it was as long as yer arm and as thick as yer wrist! He must have been holding the thing in for a week and thinks yeah the old poof across the streets looking after me next week end, I'll  make the Mutha scream! And scream I did. The smell of cat food and shit at 7.30 in the morning is NOT a good combination. He would have had my toe up his arse if he hadn't just crapped. I just didn't want anything on the end of my big toe!

Hmmmm, what a thing to talk about on yer blog huh? Oh dear, my second cup of coffee's starting to work, off for my morning constitution. Byeeeeeeeee PP xxxx

Saturday, 10 January 2009


Morning Gang, 
Sorry, but I'm ranting today! I consider myself a calm person, takes things in my stride ya know? 
Ok, so I'm a bit of a worrier, but as Mrs Hatsell my old form teacher put in an end of year report when I was eight, I'm happy go lucky, that's me!
But guess what? Let me phone up a company and be put through to an overseas call centre and I turn into a RABID DOG! 
It's early so I think, I know, (insert a light bulb here) register on line for your credit card, so I can keep track of my air miles instead of waiting for a statement.
So I register.......... No problem there. Ahhhhhh, here we go, I need to phone to activate my registraion. Hmmm, ok, so I ring the number, premium rate of course.

Press option 1 for primary card holder, Press option 2 if you need 'any other service' press option 3 to speak to an account manager, press option 4 to input your card number, press option 5 to input your D.O.B. Press option 6 for your post code. Then press option 7 to hang yourself!

Ring ring, ring ring. 'Hel oh dis is Sharron spik in, ha khan a help hew tody?' In the back ground I hear about a million people in a call center (poor sods)

She avin a larf ain't she? SHARRON? Do me a favour? I would rather hear their own name so at least I know the citi cards ain't taking the piss. Nope, it's Sharon..... Fine.
I then go through the whole proccess again D.O.B. Mothers maiden name this time, post code and then account number. 
Sharron then activates my on line account.

'Is tha eny ting halse ha khan help hew wit tody?' 

'No, actualy Sharron, you have been very helpful, many thanks'

'Did I seff hew whell?' 

'Orally yes' She didn't get the joke! I pmp laughing, but thats just me ;-)

So............. I go on line to see how many air miles I have. WRONG!

It wont work. I go through the whole process again and then guess what? I am CUT OFF! UNGHHHHHHHHHH.

Well 3rd time lucky me thinks, WRONG AGAIN. After going through the whole process with Miranda? LOL. Spell it biatch!
Miranda wants me to go on line again and change my pass word. NO. I'll wait for my Jan statement.

What pisses me of is these people on the other end of the phone are very intelligent, they all have a good education, most speak very good English, but the shitty companies that supply our services and employ them, treat us all with contempt. Isn't this why the world is in such a mess now? Through greedy companies supposedly saving us a few quid, to give us a better service or just trying to syphon off our money for their own greedy causes?

I would much rather have a decent conversation with someone on the other end of the phone what ever country they're in that doesn't just read from a script.

Rant over... Phew, I feel much better now. Maybe I'll try and get a new password now ;-)

Have a good weekend gang. PP xxxxxx

Sunday, 4 January 2009


Morning Groovers,
I am slowly getting to know my way around blogger and yesterday I did two things. If you look to the left of my ramblings, you can now subscribe to my posts. so if all goes well, when I blog, you get an alert if you're that bothered of course!. Then it's just how it used to be on AOL.
I have also admired for a while now the little dancing Avatar over on Marty's blog (dunno how to put just the title yet!) 
So yesterday afternoon I put my own on. Ok, it's a little slimmer than me and the hairs darker, but as I still have a passion for Dance/Disco music I thought it was very me...... Now, the only problem is, he's not dancing properly. I've re loaded the poxy thing about 8 times and he just moves like some dilapidated bullfrog. He's supposed to be doing high kicks and spinning round, but he looks like he's just crapped his pants!

Oh well, back to the drawing board......... Have a good Sunday, PP xxxxx

Saturday, 3 January 2009


Well Hello Gang,
It's been a while I know but I really need to get back into blogging again. I know it sounds daft but I've missed you all terribly and am still trying to get used to blogger and having to check everyday. 
Very few of you have an alert system that tells me when you blogged. The funny thing is I often read the blog before the alert pops up. I mean talk about taking its time alerting you huh?

I have made myself a promise that I will update at least once a week and also visit everyone blog as regular as a bowel movement! Well, maybe not as regular as mine, but that's another story lololol.

Christmas was a very quiet affair this year with just my Mum, Dad, Phil and his Mum too. Flo is much better now, she has a walking stick that she uses to help her get about and if ya say something she doesn't like watch out!

I ring her every other day to see how she is as we have been worried about her eating. She's lost a stone and a half...... um, 16 pound to a stone....... you work it out. What I observed was she ate my Mum out of house and home, I feel that since she's been out of hospital she just doesn't like eating by herself. There must be nothing worse than having one of your son's watching you eat telling you to eat up and not eating with you.
She ate like a horse at Christmas because it was a more social event. The old girl even ate things that would never touch her lips before, Humous, Salmon mouse WTF was that all about. This time last year her mouth would have been clamped shut as she would never eat that foreign muck! It's funny how spag boll and lasagna aren't foreign in her mind though

We spent NY eve with our friends Michelle and Adam, affectionately known as Chutney and Si............. Don't even ask! It was a very civil affair and not even a hang over the next day.

New Years day we had all of our neighbours round for drinks which turned into a full blown party. OMG, they came at 3pm never left till after midnight, but a good time was had by all. 
That's me updated for all. Taking a leaf out of fellow bloggers Lynn and Dawn blogs, my 5 are
  1. This effing credit crunch to end!
  2. Mine and Phils love to last for ever and I think it may too ;-)
  3. To loose at least two stone in weight!!!!
  4. Get healthy.
  5. Peace in the Arab world, lets hope Obama, might shake the shit out of the middle east huh? 
Love ya, PP xxxx