Saturday, 3 January 2009


Well Hello Gang,
It's been a while I know but I really need to get back into blogging again. I know it sounds daft but I've missed you all terribly and am still trying to get used to blogger and having to check everyday. 
Very few of you have an alert system that tells me when you blogged. The funny thing is I often read the blog before the alert pops up. I mean talk about taking its time alerting you huh?

I have made myself a promise that I will update at least once a week and also visit everyone blog as regular as a bowel movement! Well, maybe not as regular as mine, but that's another story lololol.

Christmas was a very quiet affair this year with just my Mum, Dad, Phil and his Mum too. Flo is much better now, she has a walking stick that she uses to help her get about and if ya say something she doesn't like watch out!

I ring her every other day to see how she is as we have been worried about her eating. She's lost a stone and a half...... um, 16 pound to a stone....... you work it out. What I observed was she ate my Mum out of house and home, I feel that since she's been out of hospital she just doesn't like eating by herself. There must be nothing worse than having one of your son's watching you eat telling you to eat up and not eating with you.
She ate like a horse at Christmas because it was a more social event. The old girl even ate things that would never touch her lips before, Humous, Salmon mouse WTF was that all about. This time last year her mouth would have been clamped shut as she would never eat that foreign muck! It's funny how spag boll and lasagna aren't foreign in her mind though

We spent NY eve with our friends Michelle and Adam, affectionately known as Chutney and Si............. Don't even ask! It was a very civil affair and not even a hang over the next day.

New Years day we had all of our neighbours round for drinks which turned into a full blown party. OMG, they came at 3pm never left till after midnight, but a good time was had by all. 
That's me updated for all. Taking a leaf out of fellow bloggers Lynn and Dawn blogs, my 5 are
  1. This effing credit crunch to end!
  2. Mine and Phils love to last for ever and I think it may too ;-)
  3. To loose at least two stone in weight!!!!
  4. Get healthy.
  5. Peace in the Arab world, lets hope Obama, might shake the shit out of the middle east huh? 
Love ya, PP xxxx


Marie said...

Yayyy!! Finally a post from one of my favourite bloggers!! I am thrilled to finally read a post from you and to also read that Flo is doing well and that you had a lovely Christmas holiday. (I know it's sad that I lead such an exciting life that I am thrilled to see my favourite blogger post! but again, like you say, that's a whole nother story!) Wishing you and Phil all the best in 2009! Hey, you know I would love to have your addy sometime so I could send you a special card! Would be nice, but also ok if you don't want to share it as I know how that goes! Take care and God Bless!

Lazarai said...

So glad I checked my ^&*%$ dashboard today, something I RARELY do. I'm with you on this Blogger thing - unless I get an alert, I haven't been reading journals and I think only private ones have alerts any more. I don't know, all I know is I miss YOUR blog and I'm glad to hear that all is well with you, Phil and all of your parents!

Happy New Year, Gaz!!

Big hugs,

Leigh said...

A Happy New Year to you & Phil, and all your loved ones!
It sounds like Flo(glad she's better) doesn't like to be eating alone all the time. Share a meal with her-regularly!
Good to see a post from you, I kind of took a break, but will be back more often, too! To see who's written, just go to your dashboard(if it's the same in the UK) and scroll down, click on the title or the blog title and you'll go to that page. Some use Google Reader-and I'll bet someone that knows what they're actually doing can help more that I can!
You've got a good list! Becoming healthier is on mine, too!

Hugs to you and Phil! Leigh

Marty said...

Hi Gaz,
Great to see you back in the Blogosphere. I know what you mean about those "alerts" ... by the time you get them they're more of an afterthought than an "alert." I signed up for my own just to see how long it takes and it sometimes takes more than a day. Anyhow, glad to hear Flo is doing better and that you had a nice holiday. The holidays have been kind of subdued around here ... even in Hollywood folks are scared about the economy. Let's hope things start to turn around in '09. Happy New Year!

D said...

If I had a walking stick I'd smack ya too for staying away so long. Glad all is well on your front and I do hope you will keep up with the updates weekly at least
hugs and Happy New Year!

Amy said...

You're alive! I've checked on your blog often to see if you'd posted and it hadn't shown up yet... I missed you.

::hug hug::

emikk said...

I also missed your english twist on everthing....oh, do you want to have a contest on who has the most regular bowel movements? We can bet pink slips.

Jmoqueen said...

Happy new year to you Gaz x It's like reading my own blog when your going on about posting more lol....I shall have to look into this alert thing!!

LYN said...

I just got back from the beach and am so happy to see a post by you!! I have missed you so much!! glad Flo is doing okay..bless's your dad??
love your little avatar..he's hot!! just like you...;-)

kisses from yer missus xxxxxx

Angie said...

Love reading what you've got to say but - what's that -16 lbs to a stone? Uh-uh 14 I think. Was when I went to school anyway.

Glad to hear your mums dad etc are flourishing.

Yasmin said...

Wondered where you'd been hiding nice to see you post again. Glad xmas was nice and Flo enjoyed it, she seems to be getting back her vim and vigour. New Years Day sounds like a blast my kind of party. Love the avatar you Disco Dancing Queen I remember the days well..."sighs"



Gillie said...

Glad to see you back again! You have been missed!

Happy New Year Puppy!

marti said...

It makes me smile to read your stories!

Anonymous said...