Saturday, 24 January 2009


Morning Groovy Geezers n Gals,
Well, I hope we're all coming down from our High of  the President being sworn in. I for one have high hopes of him and I know you all do too, but lets please remember, he's human, he's not God. I get the feeling there's such hope pinned on him, if he fails the world will come to an end..... Let's hope I'm wrong.

Well, after recovering from seeing a cat turd a foot long last week. This week's been a bit non eventful. 
We've been invited to our neighbours house warming party tonight. I've already been warned to behave myself and not have too many sherbets, oh to be cared for huh? I don't think those kind words were for me, but instead to warn me not to embarrass myself in front of the man ;-)
There's nothing wrong with having a good time though huh? 

Well talking of good times, I love the flash mob phenomenon that seems to be sweeping the country and T Mobile have cleverly used this as a marketing tool.
Watch the commuters at Liverpool street station how they get caught up in the whole thing. by the end of it the whole station was stomping! Who says we Brits don't know how to have fun!!

Don't know how to put a vid up sorry. Unless someone wants to tell me...... Enjoy 

Gaz xxxxxxx


Malagutigrrl said...

Hey Gaz! Change your blog text box to html. Then copy the INBED code from the video and past it in your text box. Change it back from html to text and it's there. Took me awhile to figure it out to.
I think you should have all the sherberts you want! HAVE FUN!

LYN said...



Anonymous said...

Gazzy you dont even have to do what MALA said

Just take the code that says:

something like ObjectWidth=480 blah blah blah text.... Its the 2nd box on the youtube page

says embed code.

And then paste it into your blog where you write you dont have to c change anything just paste the code in then hit PREVIEW on the right and it will take a sec to come up but you will see it, then just publish the entry.

~ Christopher ~

Yasmin said...

Have a few on me tonight I don't mind if you get embarrased, and have a really good time.

The Flash mob thing has been around for a few years but have to admit TMobile have surpassed themselves, it's great to watch.



PS are you on FaceBook, most of us are there too.

Marty said...

Hi Gaz,
Have as many sherbets as you want ... you only live once! I totally agree regarding Obama. At this point, I'm afraid anything short of him seeing a burning (George) Bush and parting the Red Sea will come as a disappointment.

Leigh said...

Sherbert? I love sherbert...wait is it the same thing there as it is here? Anyway, enjoy yourself!

:) Leigh

Angie said...

You've no doubt got a few sherberts down you by now so the man is either speaking to you or left home. I hope you enjoyed the do anyway.

Poor old Obama eh? It must be terrifying prospect for him But, you know, I think MO is going to steal the limelight. She's a stunning lady, don't you think?

Angie, xx

Gillie said...

What's the point of going to a party and not having a lot of sherberts? Hope you had a great time!!!

Anonymous said...

Who wants to go to a sherbert-restricted party? No fun. Do as you please(which is what I assume you do mostly). Every one of us is embarrassing in our own way.
~Mary ooxox

emikk said...

Is a sherbert like a candy over there in England? or is it an ice cream without the cream like here in the US? or ist it like a truffle? hopefully not like a cat turd....I'm confused, I need a fritter.

JoHn'S wOrLd said...

Hello I came across your blog by reading Roses.I am going to go back and read all of your entrys.I like the way you express yourself. Stop by my blog sometime.Did you say You live in Spain?How nice. Im born and raised in California. Have a good day

Little Red Hen said...

Hi Gaz! I finally found you. I have a blog too here. Only two entries so far. As soon as I can figure out how to send my addie, I'll do so.

Big Kiss,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the Video. yes, I believe in Obama too. I loved the Innauguration Celebration. That had to be the best TV in a long time. :)

Millie said... usual, i'm behind catching up!

Hope you had a good time on the sherberts! (or not, as the case could've been ;) )

I've seen the advert...think its wicked!

Hope you & Hub are well?

Big hug,

Millie :)

Franglaise said...

I love that Liverpool St video, it is so brilliant. A reminder that not everyone is cynical and hard faced. Didn't know you were following Braziers in Oz - we were such good mates I really miss them (and you)

D said...

been such a bad girl not being around. Still on the road to recovery and it is not going as planned... at all. Hope you're well. Se several answered you on getting video in.. let me know if you need help
love ya

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Sheria said...

Hello, my dear. Sorry to have been absent for a bit, but work is keeping me busy. I also worry that people expect way more of Obama than he can possibly deliver. He never claimed to walk on water!