Friday, 6 February 2009


Morning all, 
My Brain is fried, I HATE WINTER!!!! For years I've struggled with this time of the year and this year more than ever as winter just goes on and on. I find it hard to go out of the front door and face the wind and the cold and just, well, everything. 

So, what has nature given us now? Snow! I've  seen the news and watched how other countries have been looking on in amusement at the foot of snow we've had. 

Ok, so this country does have its bad points and yeah, we do come across as being unorganized. But you have to understand that we don't get any form of extreme weather. 
I posted a year or so ago some pics of my back garden in the snow. We had about two inches, nothing, just a few flurries which went in a day. That was it, just that. 
In the summer it gets nice an warm and yeah humid, VERY humid (we're surrounded by water remember?), but that's it, it's warm, around 85 ish max, maybe 90 in extreme conditions and that's for around two weeks LOLOLOL

Us Brits have a complete mistrust of weather forecasts, as our weather changes so quickly. I'll never forget Michael Fish, our most famous weather forecaster saying that a woman had phoned from France to say a hurricane was on it's way. He said on live TV, 'Madam, we don't get hurricanes in the UK' don't panic its a few strong winds' 
Well.......F*** me, I never slept a wink that night as half of the country suffered a hurricane with 200 year old oak trees coming crashing down, fronts of stores blown in etc. We lost our fence, BBQ, garden furniture and half the roof not to mention my ruby slippers. Thank God our houses are brick built and not timber.

So, as you can see, if they say we have a cold snap with severe snow coming in from Siberia. Out come our sunnies, shorts and flip flops as we think Fhack orf, i'ts gonna be lovely ;-)

HOW WRONG WE WERE! I've worked from home for the last two day as the foot of snow is now solid ice. As we live on a new development, no one owns the roads, so we can't get up the hill to get out into the world.

Am I bovvered? NO! As my Dad would say, 'it's colder than a witches tits out there'. Just how he knows how cold witches tits are I shall never know, but it used to makeme and my brother giggle when we were little.

So witches tits being cold means I can stay inside, and not have to go out in this rancid weather.

Mock us all you want world, this is one Brit that's staying inside. Roll on Spain, only a month to go.........

(While I type, my dear heart is on a mission, he thinks our house is 'filthy' as he put it. I beg to differ, but he's furiously pushing the dyson round and sucking up anything in his path. Oops, there's goes me Calvins!)

Have a good weekend everyone, and if any of you can explain what this Twitter thing is I have been begged to join, please enlighten me as it just seems like glorified email to me?

Love yas, PP xx