Saturday, 24 January 2009


Morning Groovy Geezers n Gals,
Well, I hope we're all coming down from our High of  the President being sworn in. I for one have high hopes of him and I know you all do too, but lets please remember, he's human, he's not God. I get the feeling there's such hope pinned on him, if he fails the world will come to an end..... Let's hope I'm wrong.

Well, after recovering from seeing a cat turd a foot long last week. This week's been a bit non eventful. 
We've been invited to our neighbours house warming party tonight. I've already been warned to behave myself and not have too many sherbets, oh to be cared for huh? I don't think those kind words were for me, but instead to warn me not to embarrass myself in front of the man ;-)
There's nothing wrong with having a good time though huh? 

Well talking of good times, I love the flash mob phenomenon that seems to be sweeping the country and T Mobile have cleverly used this as a marketing tool.
Watch the commuters at Liverpool street station how they get caught up in the whole thing. by the end of it the whole station was stomping! Who says we Brits don't know how to have fun!!

Don't know how to put a vid up sorry. Unless someone wants to tell me...... Enjoy 

Gaz xxxxxxx

Sunday, 18 January 2009


Morning gang!
Tis I the Podgy poof. Guess what? The sun's shining today, its still bloody cold but to feel it on your face is blissssssss. 
We've booked flights to pop over to Spain for 10 days, can you believe 2 return flights for well under £100....... ACE! I think this is the longest we've ever gone without going to our little house and we're both suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms.

So what have I been up to? Eff all. This poxy credit crunch continues to eat into our lives as Phil's job's dire at the moment. No one, I repeat NO ONE is using his services, he's working longer hours for under half his normal pay. I'd love to get all the worlds bankers and put them up against the wall and shoot the Mother F'rs, I'm sure I'm not alone here. 
For those of you who don't know Cockney rhyming slang, a merchant banker is slang for something else here, think about it, what rhymes with banker?........... Yup you got it and thats, what I call the worlds bankers ;-)

We're looking after our neighbours cat while they're away for the weekend, his names Elvis. He's a cute thing, yeah Ok Mary and Holly, I know I ain't too keen on cat's but he's kinda cute and he's a boy cat so he's mischievous. 
So what does he do today while I am preparing his breakie? He does the most enormous shit I have ever seen right on the floor in front of me. Not in his toilet, RIGHT ON THE FLOOR!! I swear if I didn't see him do it I would have thought it was a human turd, it was as long as yer arm and as thick as yer wrist! He must have been holding the thing in for a week and thinks yeah the old poof across the streets looking after me next week end, I'll  make the Mutha scream! And scream I did. The smell of cat food and shit at 7.30 in the morning is NOT a good combination. He would have had my toe up his arse if he hadn't just crapped. I just didn't want anything on the end of my big toe!

Hmmmm, what a thing to talk about on yer blog huh? Oh dear, my second cup of coffee's starting to work, off for my morning constitution. Byeeeeeeeee PP xxxx

Saturday, 10 January 2009


Morning Gang, 
Sorry, but I'm ranting today! I consider myself a calm person, takes things in my stride ya know? 
Ok, so I'm a bit of a worrier, but as Mrs Hatsell my old form teacher put in an end of year report when I was eight, I'm happy go lucky, that's me!
But guess what? Let me phone up a company and be put through to an overseas call centre and I turn into a RABID DOG! 
It's early so I think, I know, (insert a light bulb here) register on line for your credit card, so I can keep track of my air miles instead of waiting for a statement.
So I register.......... No problem there. Ahhhhhh, here we go, I need to phone to activate my registraion. Hmmm, ok, so I ring the number, premium rate of course.

Press option 1 for primary card holder, Press option 2 if you need 'any other service' press option 3 to speak to an account manager, press option 4 to input your card number, press option 5 to input your D.O.B. Press option 6 for your post code. Then press option 7 to hang yourself!

Ring ring, ring ring. 'Hel oh dis is Sharron spik in, ha khan a help hew tody?' In the back ground I hear about a million people in a call center (poor sods)

She avin a larf ain't she? SHARRON? Do me a favour? I would rather hear their own name so at least I know the citi cards ain't taking the piss. Nope, it's Sharon..... Fine.
I then go through the whole proccess again D.O.B. Mothers maiden name this time, post code and then account number. 
Sharron then activates my on line account.

'Is tha eny ting halse ha khan help hew wit tody?' 

'No, actualy Sharron, you have been very helpful, many thanks'

'Did I seff hew whell?' 

'Orally yes' She didn't get the joke! I pmp laughing, but thats just me ;-)

So............. I go on line to see how many air miles I have. WRONG!

It wont work. I go through the whole process again and then guess what? I am CUT OFF! UNGHHHHHHHHHH.

Well 3rd time lucky me thinks, WRONG AGAIN. After going through the whole process with Miranda? LOL. Spell it biatch!
Miranda wants me to go on line again and change my pass word. NO. I'll wait for my Jan statement.

What pisses me of is these people on the other end of the phone are very intelligent, they all have a good education, most speak very good English, but the shitty companies that supply our services and employ them, treat us all with contempt. Isn't this why the world is in such a mess now? Through greedy companies supposedly saving us a few quid, to give us a better service or just trying to syphon off our money for their own greedy causes?

I would much rather have a decent conversation with someone on the other end of the phone what ever country they're in that doesn't just read from a script.

Rant over... Phew, I feel much better now. Maybe I'll try and get a new password now ;-)

Have a good weekend gang. PP xxxxxx

Sunday, 4 January 2009


Morning Groovers,
I am slowly getting to know my way around blogger and yesterday I did two things. If you look to the left of my ramblings, you can now subscribe to my posts. so if all goes well, when I blog, you get an alert if you're that bothered of course!. Then it's just how it used to be on AOL.
I have also admired for a while now the little dancing Avatar over on Marty's blog (dunno how to put just the title yet!) 
So yesterday afternoon I put my own on. Ok, it's a little slimmer than me and the hairs darker, but as I still have a passion for Dance/Disco music I thought it was very me...... Now, the only problem is, he's not dancing properly. I've re loaded the poxy thing about 8 times and he just moves like some dilapidated bullfrog. He's supposed to be doing high kicks and spinning round, but he looks like he's just crapped his pants!

Oh well, back to the drawing board......... Have a good Sunday, PP xxxxx

Saturday, 3 January 2009


Well Hello Gang,
It's been a while I know but I really need to get back into blogging again. I know it sounds daft but I've missed you all terribly and am still trying to get used to blogger and having to check everyday. 
Very few of you have an alert system that tells me when you blogged. The funny thing is I often read the blog before the alert pops up. I mean talk about taking its time alerting you huh?

I have made myself a promise that I will update at least once a week and also visit everyone blog as regular as a bowel movement! Well, maybe not as regular as mine, but that's another story lololol.

Christmas was a very quiet affair this year with just my Mum, Dad, Phil and his Mum too. Flo is much better now, she has a walking stick that she uses to help her get about and if ya say something she doesn't like watch out!

I ring her every other day to see how she is as we have been worried about her eating. She's lost a stone and a half...... um, 16 pound to a stone....... you work it out. What I observed was she ate my Mum out of house and home, I feel that since she's been out of hospital she just doesn't like eating by herself. There must be nothing worse than having one of your son's watching you eat telling you to eat up and not eating with you.
She ate like a horse at Christmas because it was a more social event. The old girl even ate things that would never touch her lips before, Humous, Salmon mouse WTF was that all about. This time last year her mouth would have been clamped shut as she would never eat that foreign muck! It's funny how spag boll and lasagna aren't foreign in her mind though

We spent NY eve with our friends Michelle and Adam, affectionately known as Chutney and Si............. Don't even ask! It was a very civil affair and not even a hang over the next day.

New Years day we had all of our neighbours round for drinks which turned into a full blown party. OMG, they came at 3pm never left till after midnight, but a good time was had by all. 
That's me updated for all. Taking a leaf out of fellow bloggers Lynn and Dawn blogs, my 5 are
  1. This effing credit crunch to end!
  2. Mine and Phils love to last for ever and I think it may too ;-)
  3. To loose at least two stone in weight!!!!
  4. Get healthy.
  5. Peace in the Arab world, lets hope Obama, might shake the shit out of the middle east huh? 
Love ya, PP xxxx