Saturday, 1 November 2008


Morning All, 
It's just before 7 am on a very cold and wet Sunday morning. My coffee's close by though to keep me toasty and I've just had a banana and an organic hazelnut yogurt, (yeuk)
There are some things I don't usually talk about, one of them is my deepest past and also family. 

Phil's Mum is called Florence, or Flo to us all. She a feisty 90 year old bird and is as tough as an Ox.
I remember the first time I ever met her, I was warned by Phil, never to kiss her or be affectionate like my family is to each other. We kid's still kiss my Father now when we see him, just like when we were little.

Anyways, a huge row erupted in the car  going to see Flo as I wanted to be my 'normal' self, but Phil wasn't having any of it (we're going back 27 years here)

On meeting her, I gave her a big kiss on the cheek, which let me tell you, has changed the course of their family history, now everyone kisses each other when greeting (job well done me thinks).

Let me describe Flo to you. She's a strawberry blond and was a looker when she was younger. She has inch long nails painted bright red and she wears her hair in that 40's role kind of look with a big black velvet bow at the back.

She wears ski pants and little kitten heels, with leopard print tops. I think she still fancies herself as some 40's film star.
Flo, is a right old Londoner with a foul mouth when it's needed. She now lives alone in her bungalow and takes herself daily to the shops and bingo. 

She has Grand children coming out of her ears but doesn't see them as she has no time for any child at all. To be honest most of them are scared shitless by her. She's very independant and wants help from no one.

She came to ours before we went over to Spain and was up and down an in an out all the show houses on our development. All we kept hearing was 'ohhhhhhh win it nywisssss' lololol.

On our last day in Spain, we got a call from Phil's brother to say Flo had fallen over while putting out the milk bottles for the milkman.
She shattered her hip and broke her arm in 2 places. Her hip has been replaced and her arm  re set, we went to see her in hospital on our return. She was black and blue, with cuts and bruises all over her.
This feisty old bird has turned into a vulnerable old lady in the space of a few days.

She came out of hospital yesterday and phoned to tell me she was home (we knew) She was crying down the phone to me and I have NEVER heard Flo cry before.
Phil's bother and his wife live close so are staying over with her. Because of our wonderful health care system, she's now getting a home help twice a day to get her up and and to bed and her meals are being delivered for her ready cooked so she just needs to heat them up.

Today, we are going over to cook her lunch, she's told us she 'don't want any of that foreign stuff' What she doesn't realise is most of what she eats IS 'foreign', pasta, lasagna, etc lololol. I'm going to M&S this morning to get her favourite 'foreign' food lolol, lasagna! Please nobody tell her it's Italian!

Just send a few healing vibes to Flo today, she needs all the help se can get at the moment.

Writing this final line has bought a tear to my eye. God, I love old Flo.

PP xxxxxxxxx


Marie said...

OH Gaz, the love you have for old Flo comes through with every word you have written here about her this morning. I hope she enjoys her British Lasagna (can't get more British than M&S!) and know that I am sending many good thoughts and prayers Flo's way! (((hugs)))

Leigh said...

I'll join in with some of my own healing thoughts.
At 90, a lady can dress, act, "be" as eccentric as she wants!
Her loss of independence will be very hard on her, healing time much longer than for you or me.
Love and understanding go a long way in helping, so keep up those kisses and encouragement.
And I imagine the delivery of "British" lasagna will help!
:) Leigh

Yasmin said...

They don't make people like Flo anymore do they, she has a supportive family and I hope as she recovers she gets some of confidence back,and it's great that she's getting home help and "meals on Wheels", have a lovely day today,sending loads of healing thoughts


Marty said...

Hi Gaz,
Flo sounds like she's always had a tough exterior but deep down, I'll bet she's pretty sensitive. This has to be a very tough time for her ... she's had to let her guard down and she's obviously forced to be more dependent on others. She's lucky to have you. I'm sending some good wishes to her -- but no "foreign food" -- from California.

Amy said...

Bless her....poor gal. I hope she enjoys her British lasagna! Maybe some of the family can get together a couple nights and play Bingo with her at home? I know she will be feeling better in no time - with you being around. Laughter helps heal. ;-)

::hug hug hug::

Indigo said...

I had to smile about the no foreign food. I will definitely be keeping Flo in my prayers on the smoke dear friend. Reading this brought a tear to my eyes as well. I could just read how much she meant to you through your words...Your in my thoughts. Here's to hoping Dear Flo has a quick recovery. (Hugs)Indigo

LYN said...


Missie said...

Flo sounds like one heck of woman!

Linda George said...

Poor Flo, how sad. I hope she makes a good recovery but of course, at her age, it won't be quick, will it? She sounds like the sort of old lady I want to be. LOL.

Linda x.

Rjet33 said...

Sending good thoughts and prayers as well!~



Justplainbill said...

Prayers for Flo. She sure is a special lady, Bill

Gillie said...

What a character! It is obvious how much you love her!
I will def keep her in my prayers!!

J said...

I am sending good thoughts and vibes and prayers to Flo,she sounds like my Kind of gal!!!

Dawn said...

Praying for Flo!! Hope she gets back on her own soon!

be well...

ecccch said...

Give her a kiss for me, if you can.

Lippy said...


Add me to the list of folks sending good wishes to Flo, ok?

Keep us posted

Teresa said...

My positive thoughts and Blessings will be with Flo...and with you two also. Blessings* Teresa

pam said...

Hello Lambchop. Aw poor flo. i hope she gets better soon. I suppose It's because of people like flo that i love my job so much. I know I can help. I will keep her in my thoughts and send loadsa happy vibes. Love Pam xx

Sheria said...

Flo sounds like a wonderful woman, just the type of person that I would love spending time with, exchanging gossip. Of course I will add her to my prayers. Your affection for her pours through in every word that you write about her. I love her prohibition against foreign food. She is a bonafide original, a true treasure.

Lazarai said...

Oh, Gaz, I can soooo relate to this entry! My folks are 87 and 82. In recent years, they have been in pretty good health, living independently in AZ (as you know, I'm in FL). Recently, they each took a fall (separately). Miraculously, neither of them broke any bones. My dad has bounced back okay. My mom has other health issues, and is NOT doing as well. They are as stubborn as can possibly be and are managing somehow without help. I soooooo wish that they would accept my offer to move here so I can help them!! My sister's in NJ, and my bro lives near me. I would be happy to have them as close as IN my own house, if they would do it....but they are struggling to maintain their independence.

So I can surely understand about Flo. I hope she heals up quickly and gets back to her feisty self soon. She is so lucky to have family near by!! I will keep Flo in my thoughts, Gaz.

Big hugs,

Cathy said...

Please keep us informed about Flo, a truly special, unique human being. I'll be thinking of her, promise.

nerves05 said...

I read your comment over on My southern living style..
I'm sorry that you disagree with what i said.. And i do call my self a christian and i would appreciate it if you would not question that.. I will give the man a chance, even if i didn't want to do i have much of a choice? All i'm saying i don't believe we (american's) should have put someone in office who doesn't believe in christian beliefs nor doesn't even want to salute our flag half the time.
But i will pray for him to make the right decisions. If it works it will be a blessing. If it doesn't well i guess we american's can't blame anyone but our self's right?

Have a great day.

Saltydawg said...

This is what Nerves 05 wrote in a comment about Obama winnig your election. I did in fact question that she was a Christian after reading it. As you all know, I am not a religious person, but would never put anyone down who was, so I was surprised a 'Christian' would say such things. She wrote , 'I just can't believe that american's who
built this country on christian beliefs have now put a man with muslum beliefs at the helm.. It's scary... I believe everyone better look up to the good lord now more than ever...
Troubling times are ahead....