Monday, 10 November 2008


Hello All,
There are some things I talk about all the time.... Well, me ;-). My Family, I keep rather private.
I have a brother and a sister, both younger than me. My Sis has three kids and my brother two.
I look at my brother as my best friend, well, one of em. We speak all the time on the phone, but only once a week now, the reason? This summer, he, his wonderful wife Karen and their two adorable daughters, Isobella and Olivia upped sticks, sold everything they have and moved to the South of France.

They already had an apartment in Cannes but have bought a deralict house up in the mountains and are doing it up.
The kids have been slung in the deep and sent to French schools, Karen works from home or around the world as she's a show biz journalist. (Marty, she know's your Starbucks, but has never ventured inside)

My brother now mananges their apartment as they now rent it out as well as managing their other freinds flats as they too rent out theirs.

Life seems idealic. Please stop by and read Karens blog, so far she has no readers. Karen speaks very good French as do the girls. My brother? Well, let's just say he's Merd ( is that the correct spelling Marc?)

PP xxx


Cathy said...

Before going to visit Karen, just want to say how lovely it is getting to know more about you! (isn't that a song lol?) and such a lovely name Isobella has!! You've a very enviable family and life, which is surely well-deserved.

Marc said...

It's MERDE and derElict..What, do you have a problem with the letter E?

Saltydawg said...

Ahhh Marc, we're back to our old sparring ways! Ta for the heads up.

ecccch said...

"Upped Sticks" you British sure have some cool expressions!

Yasmin said...

How cool my best mate moved to France 4 years ago I miss him, I shall go and visit your SIL.

Take care


Monica said...

Oh that sounds like a WONDERFUL life to live! When my parents moved to Spain (I wish we stayed there at times!) They threw me right in to the schools there too.

I'm off to visit Karen now.


Dawn said...

I can't wait to visit Karen's blog! Yay! And, so Marc is shit, huh? LOL

be well....

Allison said...

Sounds like they have quite a nice life. Hope you have a happy week. Luv ya!

LYN said...

went over and said ello to your sis in law...;-)
how's your dad by the way??
where you gonna be for xmas?? I need your new address for the card..


Sheria said...

Ah, the south of France, sounds so romantic. Warn your brother and his family that a middle-aged black woman may show up on their doorstep one day for a visit. Je parle francais un peu.

Indigo said...

I went around and paid a visit dear friend. Any family of yours is worth the honor. (Hugs)Indigo

marti said...

you have got to be the sweetest man ever...i wish you lived next door to me!

Woody said...

Stopped by for a view, enjoyed the comments and opinions!
Take Care!


Leigh said...

I'll drop by and say Hello to Karen. What beautiful names your nieces have.
:) Leigh

Marie said...

I've been trying to add myself as a follower of your SIL's blog, but can't seem to find a way. I, truly admire anyone who can up sticks like that and move to a foreign country. I did it myself! But to move to one where you don't speak the language must be really hard. Probably a good way to learn the language though! Love, MSJ

Gillie said...