Saturday, 8 November 2008


Hello Gang,
So......... how's it all hanging today? I have been farting around on here trying to make my blog more visually exciting. No chance! I just can't seem to get the hang of this. I look at some blogs like Holly's and Dans, they are so inspirational, but mine? Apart from Christopher's title, it's a bit bland to say the least. I did notice one thing though....... I have more readers now Wow! I Love YouI dunno how that came about but as we say over here. TA VERY MUCH! Thank you, thank, thank you.
I hope I have something to say that you enjoy reading.

I thought I'd give you an update on Flo. When we went to see her last Sunday, we took her over her favourite dish, the foreign Lasagna and she still swears she's never had Lasagna before, but there ya go.

By the time we left, we had her whizzing about using her zimmer, but she still didn't eat properly.

The weather here so sooooooooooo dreery I HATE IT, I want to be in Spain, where the sun never stops shining. It's Not Fair Well, as it happen's, it's pissed down the past few weeks on and off.

Oop's Phil has just come in the door, for shopping, so this means I get a treat with my red bush, God, I love that stuff (no rude comments about red bushes please lololol)

Something happend to me yesterday that made me think about my sense of humour. Ok, some may not think I have one, but well? I do. ROTFL A coach load of old biddies came into the store where I was working yesterday. They were all doddery, some had zimmers, others sticks and the rest were just hanging on to each other for dear life!

About 5 of em got in the lift to the mezz floor. As the doors shut I heard one of them say ready for lift off. You could her em all screaming with laughter, as the lift went between the ground and the mezz. I'd gone up the escalators, and reached near where the lift came up. The doors opened and they were cackling with laughter as one of them, Rose has pissed herself laughing between floors.
I had to help em out as they were nearly on the floor with laughter, while Rose clutched her coat where she's weed into her tenna lady (yeeeuk)

I hope to dear God, I'll have the same sense of humour when I reach their age and there's a male version of a panty pad, just incase I do a Rose!

Have a good weekend all. PP xxxxx


Yasmin said...

I too hope I have that kind of sense of humour when I get to that, glad to see Flo was ok and ate her Lasgne.

So bloody gloomy here today, rain and yet more rain wish I was anywhere the sun shines.

Take care


Anonymous said...

49 followers and a red bush, you got it all man! Hope you have a good remainder to your weekend and your blog looks just fine. Take care.

Marty said...

Hi Gaz,
Yikes ... if I wet myself in an elevator I wouldn't be laughing. I'd be pissed off ...

ecccch said...

That English sense of humour just slayes me! LOL

LYN said...


Amy said...

Do I have a t shirt for you.....look for an email from me...

I'll take your rain! It was miserably hot here today.

Rjet33 said...

Poor Rose! I can so relate. If I cough really hard that happens to me! I need a bladder tack, but with no insurance, I am putting it off! Will continue to pray for Flo. God bless her!~

Have a great weekend!~


Bea said...

Okay,Gaz,what's a zimmer??? I'm thinking it must be one of those motorized wheelchairs, judging from context clues. How do they get to be called zimmers? Is that a local word? You asked me about the significance of pumpkins. At Halloween, we call the ones with faces cut out Jack-o-lanterns, as you likely do. But pumpkins are harvested in the fall, and we eat a lot of them between Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. Especially Thanksgiving. Pumpkin cakes and pumpkin pies, pumpkin nut rolls, even pumpkin muffins and cookies are not uncommon. I've heard, but not tried, pumpkin soup! We love our pumpkin patches, long after Halloween, around here. Thanks for asking! Now tell me about the zimmer things! LOL! bea

doogs6 said...


As one of your more recent followers let me just say that your sense of humour is mighty fine.

Sheria said...

I think that things look pretty good over here. I like the blue. I have no doubt that you will retain your sense of humor forever.

I include Flo in my prayers and I hope the she continues to improve. If she doesn't seem to be eating enough, you may want to give her one of the nutrition drinks. I used to buy something called Boost for my mama. It's sort of like a milkshake but with lots of vitamins and minerals.

Marie said...

Glad to hear that Flo is doing somewhat better Gaz. Thought about her and you yesterday as we were zooming into Romford. While we were there some idiot was trying to attack someone down by the local bakery with a butcher knife and the other was protecting himself with a baseball bat! You should have heard the sirens from the police cars, which took 15 minutes to show up by the way. Anyways, we did have a nice visit with the in laws, despite the rain, but is always nice to be home again afterwards. Prayers continue for Flo. (((hugs)))

Holly said...

Thanks for the shout-out about my blog! That's nice and I hope to still have a sense of humor like those ladies when I'm old and crotchety!

And I've yet to try to the Roasted Veggie recipe you sent me but I have it saved and am ready to make it... when I move back to solid foods again... which may be some time!

hee hee

J said...

Oh my goodness, what a gift of humour you have, and yes u do and we all know it. I so hope they have some kind of protection for us men also, cause when it is that weak, u just cant hold it..LOL..It has been raining here to for almost a full week.

Anonymous said...

Thats what lifts are for arent they?

marti said...

laughing till you of my favorite things...

Indigo said...

Humor is the fountain of youth. I can definitely promise you, you will have that humor when you are their age. You make me smile every time I visit. (Hugs)Indigo

Leigh said...

Oh Gaz, I laughed so, I didn't pee! Choked on my popcorn though!
Please hug Flo, glad she's doing better.
I bet you'll still have your great sense of humor when you're 90! You do have such a way with words.
:) Leigh

Gillie said...

Glad to hear good news about Flo!

A few questions if I may...

What is a zimmer?
What is a red bush?
What is a tenna lady?

It's like you are speaking a foreign language! :)