Friday, 24 October 2008


I've been up since 6 am this cold but sunny morning and was in a great mood. I've mucked about with this bloody blog but so far can only get a flag onto it as an extra, and then I added a logo, now where did that come from?

I then went down stairs to make some coffee and switched on the news. I was stunned to hear of the murder of Jennifer Hudson. OMG, what a shock. So far the bulletin said they had arrested her nephew. WTF is going on? If anyone in the States can enlighten me, with more information, please do. Awful, so awful, and such a promising life ahead of her.

On a different note, I have some questions about our new home and hopefully, you can help me.

  • Marty/Dawn, I noticed on your blogs you have feed blitz at the side, so readers can sign up and get alerts for when a blogger post's, it's better than farting about going into that home page everyday. Brilliant idea, but I couldn't find how to do it.
  • Yasmin, we both had the little weather people on our last blogs. How did you manage to transfer it over? I tried yesterday but as you can see, I failed!
  • MAJ, well, all of you have great photo's on your blogs. I tried to do one (the man with the tan, but it's in the wrong place, just like my flag.

Ok, ok, so I'm thick, but ya know what it's like, you get set in yer ways and maybe AOHELL wasn't so bad after all huh?

I have the task from hell this morning, to try and sort out all our documents and put them in order in all my new files I have purchased for the purpose. Although I love, and need order in my life, my brain doesn't work like that, is it because we creative types have unorganised brains? ....... Or just lazy?

Vote Obama

As for the badge, I would if I could. Have a great weekend all of yas.

PS, Alison asked me what's with the Saltydawg name? It's also my new gmail addy. Dunno Alison, I just thought it was rather cool ;-)


Marie said...

That is shocking news. Just goes to show that none of us are immune to tragedy in our lives. I like the saltydawg nic! Reminds me of an old bluegrass song I like. Anyways, you'll have all this blogger stuff sorted soon, I'm sure. If I can do it, anyone can!

Marie said...

PS. My boss just hates Obama. The thought of him being president almost drives her off the deep end, but mind you . . . she is a southern white gal of priviledge and great wealth!
PPS- I hate that word verification thingie most have on their comments. To this dyslexic mind it is torture.

Saltydawg said...

I have just found out it was HER MOTHER AND BROTHER THAT WERE KILLED, NOT HER. What a chump I am!!!! Gaz xx

Anonymous said...

I have no idea who Jennifer Hudson is so I just looked on the BBC news site. It says her Mum and brother were killed, not her.

Anonymous said...

yes, you are a chump. I just saved my comment and then saw yours.

LYN said...


Teresa said...

Honey, I got my weather pixie changed over...I will send you a email how to do it if you like. Or I can do it here :) All you do is what you would do for the AOL Journal, getting it set up etc.
1.) go to your customize button at the top of your blog.
2.) click on the "add a gadget"
3.) scroll down on the thingy it pulls up till you find the "HTML/Javascript" button, click on that ~ it will pull up a form..title it then go to the section immediately below that...
4.) reduce your blog pages...pull up the weather pixie page, highlight the HTML code for your weather pixie, right click to copy...reduce your weather pixie page, pull up the little page from your blog where you pulled up the "HTML/Javascript" part, go to the lower portion and right click again and "paste", your code should appear there...then scroll down OR up LOL and hit save. Then you move the new "gadget" where you want it on your sidebar. (you move it by pointing your mouse button at it, hold it down and slide it to the area you want it to appear then release the mouse button.
Hope that helps..if it doesn't and you need better instructions just let me know and I will email them to you.
By the way, visit my new Blog, I have retired the "remembering to exhale" new one is Shadows of the Moon... the link or whatever is below.
Have a great morning.
Love ya, Teresa

Or just click my picture LOLOL. (forgot about that)

Yasmin said...

Teresa has explained the Weather thingy.
It was Jennifer Hudons Mum and Brother who have been shot, such a shame.


marti said...

hey honey
It wss her mom and nephew that were killed, still so sad
I am still not real comfy here either. It was on my profile page where you can check preferences I think
things have been rough on my end
problems at work
in a year and a half I can retire!
Love you

marti said...

I am ao excited about this election...Obama all the way!

Gillie said...

Looks like all your questions have been answered!

Love the new email addy!


Amy said...

When you get your paperwork sorted, come help my husband. There is so much of his paperwork floating around the house, it makes me cry. I'm no neat-freak, mind you, but a girl can only take so much...

Dawn said...

Hey there sweet Gaz! First... add the flag as a 'picture' under gadgets. Then, go to feedblitz, join - it's free - and you give them your blog addy. Then, they will give you an http thingy. You go back to blog layout, go to gadgets. At the bottom it says 'add ur own'. Click that and add the http from the feedblitz and voila! You have it there!

be well... Marty or Dan could probably explain it better than me...

Stewielad said...

I'm not liking this new blog thing, but i'll get used to it. Now call me a bad gay, but I have no idea who this woman is. It's a bad state of affairs thats for sure. Hope you and the wife are well bigboy!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you will get the hang of this place. Hope you are enjoying your Sunday as I am at this moment enjoying my Saturday. Take care.

Chrissie said...

I was gonna say there for a second you were telling me something I didn't know. I didn't think it was Jennifer Hudson, but I wasn't listening that good I was in the other room.
Glad Teresa was able to help with the directions. She is a sweetie.
I hate blogspot myself and don't like the email stuff either Blah.
I keep trying to get some pretty backgrounds and when I do I erase everything on the side and finally say to Hell with it and default back. So I guess being festive went out the window.
I think Salty Dog is a place? At Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. You can order tees and stuff from that place. I think my daughter got a shirt when she went with a friend down there. It's on the net I think.
Take care, Chrissie

Toon said...

I'm voting early and will be so proud to vote for the next US president...OBAMA!!!!!


Angie said...

I still think all you 'new' blogspotters will come to think this site is better and more flexible than aol ever was. Just don't try and do it all at once. Like most people, I hate that word verification. For the life of me I can't see any point in it.

Angie, xx

Leigh said...

A Salty "Dawg" is a drink. Tequila and grapefruit juice with a salt rim. ;)
The nephew was missing, last I heard, but I don't pay close enough attention to the news-too damn depressing! Not even sure who Jennifer Hudson is.
The important thing is that you stop in from time to time to let us know that you're still alive and kicking. So don't worry about the fancies in the sidebar overmuch.
When you're done filing you can come straighten out my mess. I'd make a terrible secretary.
:) Leigh

Sheria said...

As I am a day late in dropping by, I see that you've already learned the it wasn't Hudson who was killed but her mom and her brother. I love her voice, she reminds me of the R&B singers of my youth. How sad this all must be for her to suffer such tremendous losses.

I think that your blog is coming along quite nicely. However, I did get a message when I clicked on the link in my dashboard for your blog that I was about to be taken to a blog with adult content. Then it gave me a choice as to whether to continue on or to cancel. What I want to know, is where is the adult content? I expected to find something to make me blush (not an easy thing to do). Where's the naughty bits? I want my smut!

D said...

hey hon... nice to see you...
it was her mother and brother.. her nephew is missing.

Hope you're doing good
love ya

Marty said...

Hi Gaz,
It's pretty easy to add the feedblitz. You just have to do it the same way you'd do any HTML widget (Teresa described the process in her response). In the case of feedblitz, you first have to to the feedblitz site and get registered/set-up, following which you can embed the relevant code in your blog via the add-a-gadget option on the layout page.

LYN said...

did you post somethng about following you?? where did it go??

what ARE you doing ?? LOL

Sheria said...

I have you in my Dashboard blog list and when I clciked on your link today, it said that yoor blog didn't exist. It appears that on your about me (Dashboard) you've altered the name of your blog to diary of a pody poof! The typo is interfering with the accessibility of your blog. Please correct, I need you to be one click away!

Ben said...

Welcome, Gaz! It's great to see you made it. You were missed, my friend. Don't worry about the blog stuff; it comes together bit by naughty bit.

So can I still call you Gaz? Salty sounds more like a value judgment than a name, and it just doesn't have the same ring to it.


Lippy said...

Good to see ya, no matter what the name!


PS you'll always be Gaz!

Monica said...

I think the new name is cool! As for getting set up around here, I'm still learning myself and I've had my business blog here for TWO years! Obviously I wasn't trying to do anything before.


Indigo said...

I see Theresa got you sorted out hon. I think once you get the hang of it you will be saying "AOL Who?". I've missed you being away on your numerous sojourns.

Want to help Paul with his paperwork? I swear the guy drives me batty. He has the ownership papers to our house floating loose around here. Goddess help us if we ever need anything in an emergency. (Hugs)Indigo